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Why China’s artists love (and hate) WeChat

News analysis WeChat, Weibo and Douban too, pros and cons of China’s popular social media platforms

News and analysis

Seeking out Southeast Asia

News As curatorial interest grows, will collectors follow?

Hiroshi Sugimoto to build mountain-side art complex

News Japanese artist's ambitious plan for his foundation's home

China opens its door wider to foreign artists

News Artists make their debuts, with a little help from their dealers

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One-massage policy at the fair

Dealers feeling fraught and fair-tigued can unwind in a new pop-up spa at Art Basel in Hong Kong. Complimentary neck and shoulder massages are available for gallerists seeking solace after dealing with pushy collectors, but weary staff, take note:...


The Portuguese return to Macau

As Art Basel in Hong Kong rolls on, the Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos is preparing for a solo show in China’s other special administrative region, Macau, her first in the region. At the MGM casino resort, Vasconcelos is creating 1,200 kilo piece titled Valkyrie Octopus. The work measures 35 by 20 metres and is made of more than 4,000 metres of coloured fabrics, thousands of beads, 3,100 metres of electric cable, and has LED lights placed throughout. The site-specific work deals with the Portuguese presence in Macau, which began in the 16th century and ended, officially, in 1999.

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