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Dara Birnbaum takes on Wonder Woman

While the blockbuster Wonder Woman film continues to lasso audiences in theatres, raking in more than $400 in box office sales, it's worth remembering that the Amazonian warrior princess has been an inspiration for artists as well as comic book fans. Dara Birnbaum took the superhero as her subject in the 1978-79 video piece Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman, remixing scenes from the television series starring Linda Carter to deconstruct the feminist image in pop culture. “The abbreviated narrative—running, spinning, saving a man—allows the underlying theme to surface: psychological transformation versus television product. Real becomes Wonder in order to ‘do good’ (be moral) in an (a) or (im)moral society.” The work is now in the collections of MoMA, the Whitney and the Brooklyn Museum, among others.

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